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About Paul Humphrey's Clinics


Paul Humphrey and Breaking the Mold are much more than just a "barrel clinic". It's much more than just going around the barrels. 

Paul comes from a reining, working cow horse background.  Paul spent 9 years working under some of the best horsemen and learning how to truly train a horse. 

Paul started building the Breaking the Mold program over 10 years ago.  He wanted to bring horsemanship back to the barrel racing sport by teaching riders about body control and by showing how a horse that is taught to use their body correctly will be easier to train, will be more consistent, and will have fewer issues than horses that do not have this knowledge.

The Breaking the Mold program is not about a stronger bit or a stronger hand.  It's not about gimmicks and quick fixes.  It's about teaching your horse how to give to your hand and leg pressure, move shoulder, ribs and forward motion, all while staying collected.  Once you've accomplished this, THEN you will take those movements to the barrel pattern. 

When your horse understands how to use their body correctly, it makes  the training process so much easier.  In order to keep the horse collected and using their body, the rider must understand how to keep the horse going in the right direction, to become soft and consistent and collected. 

With Paul's drills your horse never learns how to drop his shoulder, cheat the barrels, go by the barrel, or any other issues that will cost you time and troubles in a run. These drills were designed to teach the horse to use their body correctly and to never allow them to know any different than the correct way to work the pattern. 

When you attend a PAUL HUMPHREY BARREL RACING CLINIC you will be amazed how you will learn to connect to your horse. Its all about true horsemanship and communication. Paul will work you and your horse to become a team. He truly believes that not only does the horse need to understand their job, but the rider also needs to understand how to prepare for the barrel run.

In Paul's clinics and on his DVDs, he uses his barrel exercises to get your horse wanting to work each barrel, and eliminating any problems you are having such as fading into the first barrel, running by barrels, not collecting before the turn, stepping off, stepping in, not completing the barrel turn, shouldering in and many other issues.

Paul's program is not about fixing problems, its about getting rid of them all together. This program will change your thoughts about barrel racing and will make the sport fun for you and your horse. Meaning – You can ride your horse to their potential without issues.

Don't miss this great opportunity to learn from one of the best horsemen in barrel racing today!


Paul Humphrey - Clinician, Trainer, Barrel Racer, Horsemanship

About Paul Humphrey

Paul Humphrey is a 10-time European barrel racing champion and veteran barrel horse trainer. Paul is known for helping riders and horses overcome problems with the first barrel.

Paul got his start training reining horses but his love for speed took him to the barrels. Paul currently trains out of
Pilot Point, Texas and gives clinics all over America and the world. He is instrumental in exporting and running top horses in Italy.

"Barrel racing is not a tug-of-war event and it's not about changing bits every time you enter the arena; it's about working and teaching the horse how to use their body correctly around the barrel," Paul said. "This involves the face, shoulders, ribs, hip, hind legs, front legs and the rider's hands, feet, seat and an understanding of how to work the horse's body."

Paul Humphrey has produced an educational DVD titled Breaking The Mold With Paul.

Paul Humphrey has been running barrels forfour  decades. His mother, Sue, had started young in the rodeo and was still participating after Paul was born. At ten she got him into barrel racing. He also was in 4-H and rodeo. Paul spent several years training in Italy. During this time, he won every major event Italy had to offer. He notes: "I sold probably
about twenty horses over there and when the horses went over I did all the competing on them along with clinics and stuff like that."

His early training came at Play Days and horse shows. But that didn't prepare him for the vast difference he would discover in Italy. "Basically the sport's the same but the conditions are very different. You wouldn't believe some of the arenas you have to run in."

In Italy the highways are wide, but once you leave them the streets are found to be quite narrow. The moving van type horse trucks cannot maneuver these. Fuel is much more expensive and you are required to pay to get back onto a highway.

Is it worth the trouble? Paul says, "They have all their fairs in the bigger cities, right down in the middle of them, and there is a lot of commotion and a lot of ... well you wouldn't believe it."

The most important thing to remember if you think you want to run barrels in Italy is that the arenas are generally makeshift. "They'll take a big warehouse building and set up the arena and stalls on the inside of it and there's your arena! They'll haul in dirt on the concrete floor and all that." says Paul. "They don't have any jackpots or anything like that - it's just big fairs."
He adds, "It's nothing for them to have 2000 to 3000 spectators at each show. But the crowds are very supportive, I think a lot more supportive than the crowds we have here in the United States. It was an experience I will never forget."

Bob, who interviewed Paul says, "I had a really good visit with Paul and he proved once again that barrel racers really are some of the nicest people."


Barrel Horse trainer Paul Humphrey discusses the importance of being able to move a barrel horse's shoulders and how it effects the completion of the turn.

Paul Humphrey is known for creating barrel horses that are soft and easy to ride. He attributes much of that to having control over the horse's entire body. One areas that Paul thinks most barrel racers can work on is control of the horse's shoulders which in turn, improves control of the horse's hind end.

"Many horses don't know how to move their front end," Paul said, "and your average barrel racer thinks that moving the front end mean moving the horse over. What I want is that if I ask the horse to bring it's nose then I want everything to follow; I want the shoulders to follow and the back end to plant like its supposed to. If they don't know how to move the front end then the back end will move around. If you get the front end to work then it's easy to get their back end to work."

Private Lessons with Paul Humphrey

Contact Paul 817-946-4080 for reservation.

Lessons at 837 East Black Jack Rd, Pilot Point, Tx