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Paul Humphrey was honored to be one of the Special Guest Clinicians chosen to represent the Barrel Racing and Horsemanship Industry at the Kansas Equi-Fest in Feb 2017.  

WOW... Where do we even start? From the time we arrived in Kansas, we were treated with the utmost respect and kindness.
The Kansas Horse Council, Jo Turner, Ann White and all the volunteers/staff that made up this event went above and beyond making us feel VERY welcome. The whole event and experience was exceptional!!!!

Paul believes by being a part of EQUIFEST of Kansas gave him the opportunity to demonstrate how true horsemanship can bring your barrel racing to another level as well as being invited by the Iowa Horse Council to be one of their clinicians at their Horse Fair in Desmoines, Iowa , April 2018

Paul opened each of his six demonstration clinics with a freestyle performance to music upon a special horse to show how having body control will allow you to do amazing things. Throughout the weekend, the freestyle introduction as well as the barrel demos caught the eyes of all groups ranging from barrel racers to ranch rodeo cowboys to riders from other disciplines. Even other clinicians and trainers found themselves being drawn to the arena fence to watch Paul display his natural horsemanship.
Paul 's Breaking the Mold program, and his presentation really connected with the audiences and added personality to the event through his love for horses and passion to teach. Paul has gained quite a fan club of all ages and kinds from kids to adults and everyone in between including Oscar, a Moluccan Cockatiel

 He has been asked to return for a second year in a row and will be a guest clinician again in 2018. 






Very excited to have completed the 5th Breaking the Mold Challenge Clinic in Missouri!  Now we have 15 contestants who will move on to the semi-finalist round at the 5th Annual Carnival of Cans, in Humansville, MO, October 1 and 2nd, 2016! 

The challenge clinics offer an opportunity to take a two-day clinic and run for $500.00 at the end of the clinic.  This race awards a payout to the top 3 riders, who then get to participate in the Breaking The Mold Semi-Finals in their State.  The Semi-finalists from across the state will meet and compete for the three finalists position.  On day 2, the Breaking The Mold Champion will be determined!    This is a great opportunity to showcase the skills and tools learned from the Paul Humphrey Breaking the Mold clinics.

Be sure to check out our "hosting a clinic" page for more information if you are interested in attending or hosting a clinic.



Marshfield, MO: 

Heather Caldwell
Gail Alsup
Chris Byler

Cleveland, MO (May):

Jennifer Patla
Allison Tuckwiller
Casey Colson

Bethany, MO (June ):

Melinda Raasch
Sheri Gillum
Emily Morgan

Marshfield, MO (July):

Jill Spader
Lissa Aubuchon
Mark Love

Cleveland, MO (August):

Ali McCullough
Betsy Frazier
Ashley Emery