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2020 Clinics:

Tanya Randall Paul Humphrey Clinic

I’ve been wanting to attend a Paul Humphrey Clinic for a while now and finally got the chance to go to one, hosted by Pepper Turner at Silver Horse in Bryan, Texas, this past weekend. 

First and foremost, what I had gleaned from taking to Paul over the years and watching his Facebook posts was the application of the advanced horsemanship principles—the ones that are most often associated with other disciplines like reined cowhorse—to motion around a barrel. Everything is applied horsemanship specifically for excelling at training and maintaining both the barrel horse and rider.

My husband, God bless him, has been able to help me get some of the basics from his reining background, but neither of us was quite confident in how to apply it correctly to the barrel pattern. Some things are obvious. Other times differences in the disciplines would lead to confusion. While a solution might be mechanically precise, it didn't always yield the faster motion you need in barrel racing to cut off the clock.

The problem is, for whatever reason, the barrel becomes a locking point. Turn the barrel. Turn the barrel. What you’re actually doing is riding around it—making a small circle – with forward motion for smooth and powerful turn.

With Paul, it’s train the motion more than train the turn—even though that’s what you’re actually doing—turning the barrel. You can do all the fancy stuff you want in dry work, but the minute you put an object out there everything changes when it shouldn’t. His program has lots of objects to turn and navigate, but it’s never about the object as much as it is moving AROUND it. 

I left knowing how to train my horse, but not just for barrels, for anything really by understanding and commanding body control to achieve forward motion. Here’s the best part, it’s a really fun process.

As for Paul’s drills, folks, they’re not your run of the mill drills. I don’t even want to call them that. They’re more than a boring, monotonous drill that really is only focusing on one thing repeatedly. They’re exercises, a workout plan, a choreography to a dance, but they’re not drills in the traditional sense. 
The exercises are stair stepped with each advancing in training and difficulty. Each one is focused on creating a motion that will set you and your horse up for a barrel pattern—the entire pattern. It’s not just how to ride around the barrel; it’s how to ride TO the barrel. 

You HAVE to ride…with your seat, your core, your feet. Balance your horse with your reins. Stand them up. Move them out. I’m the master of where you are going so when I turn you loose down that alleyway to do your job, the correct way is the easiest and the fastest.

You work on a lot of body control in circles by riding around lots of stuff. If we didn’t like that sort of thing we wouldn’t be barrel racing. It’s a workout, especially if your horse is lazy like mine, but it’s very productive. It’s engaging the mind of both the horse and rider, right brain and left brain, and creates a fluid choreography. 

AND, you’re creating muscle memory, so when the alleyway sucks your brain out, you have something to fall back on. Your horse is stepping in, open your outside rein. Open that door. If you’ve done your homework, they’re going to move there. 

Breaking the Mold Bryan,TX - Tanya Randall


Hoover and I had a fantastic two day clinic with Paul Humphrey. I was never really taught how to ride or had any horsemanship training and was able to learn a lot!! There were others at the clinic that have been riding for years and we ALL learned!! Anyone would benefit from a clinic with Paul. I wasn’t really sure if I could bring Hoover back after what he’s been through but now I truly think with using Pauls' drills and more help from him, Hoover has a pretty good shot. Besides the awesome clinic, one of my most favorite parts of the clinic was when Paul made a comment that I’m not sure everyone there heard when he was talking about Hoover  ~ Margaret Tully-Looper

MARCH 8, 2020:

This last week has been a crazy blur. I was scheduled to go to a barrel clinic with Sexy until a bad colic derailed everything Thankfully she’s improving. 
I was told about a Paul Humphrey Horsemanship Clinic that was close enough to home that I could attend and still be here to care for Sexy. 
I’ve always been a firm believer that good horsemanship is the basis for any riding discipline so I decided to go and work on myself so I pulled Cat out and went. 
All I can say is WOW!! 

Paul is a true horseman. A wonderful teacher who is able to understand a horse and the riders. Whether that horse is quiet, lazy, traumatized by bad riders, rushy overachievers like Cat, young babies, you name it!! I can’t even begin to touch on the amount of information I got from him, it’s mind boggling. This is not a barrel clinic. But instead it teaches the rider how to get the most from their equine partner in a way that makes sense to the horse. I saw sooo many amazing things happen to the horses in this clinic this weekend. 
This is the best money I’ve ever spent on a clinic. 
Every barrel racer should make a point to ride with Paul if you want to improve both yourself and your horse and have the aspects of a barrel run broke down into simple easy to understand steps that make sense to you and your horse. 
This is not circling barrels repeatedly and being run through like cattle.  
Thank you so much Paul , I can’t wait to use these tools ~ Sherry Foster


MARCH 7, 2020:

If you have never been to a Paul Humphrey clinic well you are missing out... Royal and I took our first Breaking the Mold clinic as we have been struggling with finding drive and speed. We hit a brick wall and well me being frustrated. I signed up thinking this will be another clinic where you will be run through like a cattle call and take nothing away. Well I was way wrong. I learned where mine and my horses weaknesses were and Paul provided me the tools to work with her on getting the drive we are lacking. He gave each horse and rider individual attention to help you focus on what you and your horse needed. Every rider and horse are different and in my past experiences with clinics they only teach one way. That doesn't work for every horse and rider. Paul does not do this! He helps you with your individual problem and gives you the tools to correct it. This is not your typical clinic. Paul really focuses on horsemanship and applying it through different exercises to help your horse use all body parts. This is not a clinic to go and work barrels. You wont do that! You will learn how ride your horse while teaching the horse how to use its body properly. I was humbled several times and even wanted to throw my sucker in the dirt at times but Paul encourages you to keep going. I could go on and on about how wonderful my experience was, but I truly believe you need to experience for yourself. I will be going to several more! Thanks Hannah Lang for the advice to go! ~ Amber Smithmatthewsott 


MARCH 8, 2020:

Had a great 2 days!! This was so worth the time and money!! I learned a lot and crazy yella did great by the second half of day 1 Paul had me make a few changes and what a difference!! Thanks Paul Humphrey for the awesome clinic!! Guys it don’t matter if you have a young horse or finished horse this will benefit either. And we can all be better riders!! 🤠

I attended your clinic at the begin of the year in Baton Rouge,La. I just wanted to thank you for conducting such an awesome clinic! My Grey horse and I learned so much that weekend. I continue to implement your program in our daily riding routine and I can truly say it is working so well! Not only has it helped me with running barrels but it taught me how to be a better horseman.
I cannot wait to attend another clinic so we can continue to improve both inside and outside the arena! ~ Leann Ritchie 

MARCH 6, 2020:

Today when I finished my ride I cried tears of joy. I was absolutely overwhelmed by happiness. Ace was PERFECT! He did everything I asked perfectly! We did the ground zero drills today and he has always struggled a bit with these. Today it clicked! Lead changes, transitions, everything! He nailed them all and was calm and in control! 
We get to start entering races this year that last year I couldn’t enter! Paul Humphrey this is a true tribute to your program! If you are willing to put in the work you will see AMAZING results!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~ Stacey Wood


Amy Munn :

Paul teaches true horsemanship. He helps solve problems. It not about bandaids its about the habits and roots that need to be improved upon. He helps every rider he works with progress.

Angela Festervan:

Thank you, Paul Humphrey for my training books! For those of you interested, these books are great! They are small enough to keep close by and they aren't overly worded. Easy to understand diagram and a short, to the point description. These are valuable to have in the barn or your coat pocket to break up the monotony of a stagnant training program and to encourage positive training procedure without "breaking the pattern" or confusing your horse. I highly recommend!

Jan Crotta:

Paul has been coming to Connecticut for 7 years and will be back 2020. He shares more useful knowledge each year with different drills that work on rider and horse . It is worth attending for horsemanship and control and connecting with your horse.

Jennifer Warner
19 November at 19:12 · Hodgenville, KY ·
Home from an awesome weekend with Paul Humphrey and friends at his Breaking the Mold clinic. I learned so much and was super proud of Gabriella she will really grew in her riding. Now to keep up the drills on all the horses especially Money and hopefully one day soon I will be able to actually run her comfortably and correctly.


"I have never been MORE pleased with my investment to pay a trainer than I was today with Paul Humphrey when I picked up my colt… Literally a complete transformation in my horse in 6 short month. So grateful for him, his program, and his continued support to make his students winners!!! Zoom is about to start his career! — with Neelley Riley Armes"


"Had a great weekend learned lots enjoyed was fun as well as informative!! So gratifying to see the great changes I've made in just 2 days!! Made me learn to really set up and ride my horse better!! Thank you for a great experience and helping me to better myself as a rider as well as teaching me new ways to better my horse also!! Would do it again!!" -- Sue Addis, Missouri


I really enjoyed the clinic this weekend, it was just what I needed! I've been really trying to work on my horsemanship and learning to ride correctly and I felt that this clinic was perfect for that and applying it to barrel racing! Its been very hard for me going from a finished horse to a young one that knows nothing but I think with the help of this program I will be able to make a nice solid horse! Can't wait to get home and start practicing the drills! Would love to go to another clinic of Paul's in the future! Thank you to all for making it a great weekend! -- Whitney Bradford, Missouri


I have been to several clinics over the years and throughly enjoyed Paul's clinic. He explains concepts and expectations very clearly and his drills are excellent. -- Gail Marsh Alsup


Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Missouri! It was great to meet you and I was extremely impressed with the fact that you actually took the time to work with us 1 on 1 with our horses. I also liked that once you showed us where our problem areas were, you explained to us how to fix it and then WHY and HOW that particular exercise was going to help us. Thank you again. -- Betty Doyle


What an awesome program. In one hour I received more information on training and tuning on my barrel horse than I have in any other clinic. This technique covers all the bases no matter what level your barrel horse is at! Highly recommended! --Lauren Strough

I am so appreciative of this program and of Paul's patience and determination to help both the horse and the rider. I was fortunate enough to get to take a one-hour lesson on a borrowed horse and still learned so much. These are drills and tools you will learn and can use on any horse, at any level of riding. Whether you want to "take one back to the basics" or "start one on the pattern", Paul's program is the way to do it. I feel so empowered with this information. I cannot wait to saddle up again. What ironic timing. Thank you, Paul! -- Kate Szukelewicz


I had my first private lesson today with Paul today and it was awesome. I have went to 3 different clinics with Paul and l have learned something new each time. Love the way his program is for the perfection of the horse learning to use his whole body and the rider learning how to as well. Ready for the clinic in May!! -- Kim Morgan


Paul is a wonderful instructor and teacher, I am very excited to further my program with his techinques. My one hour session with you made such a huge difference for me and my horse. Thank you  -- Angela McGraw