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Jennifer Warner
19 November at 19:12 · Hodgenville, KY ·
Home from an awesome weekend with Paul Humphrey and friends at his Breaking the Mold clinic. I learned so much and was super proud of Gabriella she will really grew in her riding. Now to keep up the drills on all the horses especially Money and hopefully one day soon I will be able to actually run her comfortably and correctly.


"I have never been MORE pleased with my investment to pay a trainer than I was today with Paul Humphrey when I picked up my colt… Literally a complete transformation in my horse in 6 short month. So grateful for him, his program, and his continued support to make his students winners!!! Zoom is about to start his career! — with Neelley Riley Armes"


Had a great weekend learned lots enjoyed was fun as well as informative!! So gratifying to see the great changes I've made in just 2 days!! Made me learn to really set up and ride my horse better!! Thank you for a great experience and helping me to better myself as a rider as well as teaching me new ways to better my horse also!! Would do it again!! -- Sue Addis, Missouri


I really enjoyed the clinic this weekend, it was just what I needed! I've been really trying to work on my horsemanship and learning to ride correctly and I felt that this clinic was perfect for that and applying it to barrel racing! Its been very hard for me going from a finished horse to a young one that knows nothing but I think with the help of this program I will be able to make a nice solid horse! Can't wait to get home and start practicing the drills! Would love to go to another clinic of Paul's in the future! Thank you to all for making it a great weekend! -- Whitney Bradford, Missouri


I have been to several clinics over the years and throughly enjoyed Paul's clinic. He explains concepts and expectations very clearly and his drills are excellent. -- Gail Marsh Alsup


Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Missouri! It was great to meet you and I was extremely impressed with the fact that you actually took the time to work with us 1 on 1 with our horses. I also liked that once you showed us where our problem areas were, you explained to us how to fix it and then WHY and HOW that particular exercise was going to help us. Thank you again. -- Betty Doyle


What an awesome program. In one hour I received more information on training and tuning on my barrel horse than I have in any other clinic. This technique covers all the bases no matter what level your barrel horse is at! Highly recommended! --Lauren Strough

I am so appreciative of this program and of Paul's patience and determination to help both the horse and the rider. I was fortunate enough to get to take a one-hour lesson on a borrowed horse and still learned so much. These are drills and tools you will learn and can use on any horse, at any level of riding. Whether you want to "take one back to the basics" or "start one on the pattern", Paul's program is the way to do it. I feel so empowered with this information. I cannot wait to saddle up again. What ironic timing. Thank you, Paul! -- Kate Szukelewicz


I had my first private lesson today with Paul today and it was awesome. I have went to 3 different clinics with Paul and l have learned something new each time. Love the way his program is for the perfection of the horse learning to use his whole body and the rider learning how to as well. Ready for the clinic in May!! -- Kim Morgan


Paul is a wonderful instructor and teacher, I am very excited to further my program with his techinques. My one hour session with you made such a huge difference for me and my horse. Thank you  -- Angela McGraw